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The purpose of the KHI Solutions’ Agent Advisory Council is to build and strengthen the relationship between KHI and its agents by facilitating an open dialogue where agent representatives can communicate with the KHI ownership team and teammates.  Council members may provide guidance in the development of future products, services, and technological enhancements.  The council aims to increase value and profitability for all involved.

The council consists of a total of ten (10) agent members.  The council has representation from large, small, and independent agencies.

Each agent council member serves a term of one (1) or two (2) years minimum, with the potential of consecutive terms.

The council meets four (4) times per year, alternating with two (2) face-to-face meetings and two (2) teleconferences.

  • As an appointed member of the Agent Advisory Council, agents are committed to attend all meetings and to actively participate in meeting discussions.
  • Agent members may be assigned action items to take away from each meeting.  Between meetings, agent council members will have regular contact with KHI, following up on these action items.
  • Agent council members may at times be privy to confidential and proprietary company information.  KHI expects that all information shared at council meetings will remain confidential.  By accepting a position on the KHI Agent Advisory Council, agent members agree to sign a confidentiality agreement.

To qualify for council membership, you must be a KHI appointed agent and write a majority of health related business with KHI offered carriers.  Appointments will be staggered.

Agents will be compensated for travel expenses.  All hotel accommodations and meals will be provided by KHI.

Jamie Bramman

Thams Agency

Marty Berger

Berger Benefit Connections

Dawn Butler

Sibley Insurance Agency, Inc.

Brent Estlund

Town & Country Insurance Agency

Larry Everett

Krist Insurance

Chad McMullin

Fortress Wealth Management

Justin Mohning

Central Insurance

Frank Olsen

Olsen & Associates 

Scott Schroeder

Schroeder & Associates

Dean Zelle

Fortress Benefit Services Corp.