• Fort Dodge
  • Manson
  • Johnston
  • Arnolds Park

Core Values

The character of any team is reflected in the standards it sets for itself.
We pledge to trust and support each other, and compromise for the common good. We will work together within departments, between departments and with leadership to serve our clients.

Communication is both the glue that holds us together and the grease that makes things work smoothly.
We will be open, direct and sharing with information, keep good records of conversation and “close the loop” so each can do the job well.

We will say what we mean, and mean what we say.
We will resolve client issues by behaving professionally with clients and with each other. We will be responsible, plain-spoken, dependable and trustworthy.

We give others the respect we want for ourselves.
We will respect our leaders, co-workers, clients and shared spaces. We will listen without interrupting, be respectful of each other’s time and value our personal and professional diversity.

We always strive to exceed our client’s expectations.
We sincerely care about our clients. We respect and empathize with them. We will continuously look for new ideas and ways to improve. We will provide service that solves problems and meets our client’s needs.

We believe in serving others.
Our desire to serve moves us to be involved in our community and to represent our company with pride.


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