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KHI Agent Testimonials

We value the relationships that we have with our Agents and truly care about their well-being and success. We are honored that they have chosen us as their General Agency & are committed to making sure their voices are heard.

Check out what they are saying about KHI!

“Sibley Insurance Agency has written all of our health and benefits coverage with KHI Solutions for the past 20 years.  I believe that we would not be successful in the group health and benefits market if it were not for KHI and their staff.  We are an independent agency writing all lines of insurance.  This makes it difficult to be the expert in every area of insurance.  By writing all of our health and benefit coverage through KHI, we receive timely service and support, and accurate information. They go above and beyond to educate their agents, and keep them informed in this ever changing world of health insurance.  We value our relationship with KHI Solutions, and would not be in the health and benefits market without them!” – Dawn B.

“Partnering with KHI has been one of the best decisions we have made. They are always available to us when we need assistance with one of our clients. The list of all they do for us is very long; but most importantly, they assists us with the options, training and tools necessary to be a successful agency within the employee benefits industry. We cherish the partnership we have with KHI because our level of success would diminish without them!”
– Dean Z.

“KHI and their service team has been an extremely valuable asset in my back pocket, whether it be in the quoting phase, the service after the sale, or keeping me up to date on the health insurance landscape, they are always willing to go the extra mile for me to do what is best for our clients. No matter what line of business I write, I have the peace of mind knowing KHI is there to assist me in making employee benefits as easy and painless as possible for our clients.”
– Jamie B.

“We all need to be as productive as possible, working with KHI and all their professional staff is a fantastic asset and tool for you to reach that high level of productivity. The value of a partner like this is off the charts. Whatever you want to improve in your practice, they will be a huge help.”
– Marty B.

“Partnering with KHI is a valuable tool in today’s ever changing insurance landscape. The wealth of knowledge, excellent service, and positive attitude of the staff, are just a few of the many reasons to choose KHI.” – Brent E.

“When I decided to open Schroeder & Associates insurance agency in 2011, the general agency agreement with KHI was the first contract our business signed. KHI Solutions was then, and continues to be, a good fit. Schroeder & Associates’ relationship with KHI has grown and evolved as our client base has grown. From day one we have written all of our health and benefit coverage with KHI. We have come to rely on their carrier relationships, product offerings, and resources to enhance our client relationships. Lynn and Brenda, along with all of the employees at KHI are invested in our success as much as we are. I highly recommend giving KHI Solutions a strong consideration if you’re looking for a general agency.”
– Scott S.

“I have been with KHI for 25+ years and have been able to grow our business with the help of their excellent staff. I have had the privilege to be a member of their Agent Advisory Council which I think has been an important part of KHI and their agents success. Things are constantly changing and Lynn and Brenda bring new technology and ideas to this advisory committee to discuss with us agents in the field to see if these ideas would help their agents. I think you would be hard pressed to find another Broker that cares and tries to help their agents and the agent’s staff as KHI does.”
– Frank O.

“In today’s world perception is reality.  There is an old saying that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. At KHI Solutions you get both: genuine care and an incredible knowledge base from a dedicated team of professionals.  Once you meet Brenda and Lynn you quickly learn (perception) how much they care about their agents and their KHI Team!

The reality is that KHI and their agent team are able to relate to the situations an agent brings to the table.  They show compassion for the situation and utilize their knowledge and resources to help you, the agent, find the best possible solution to your present situation.

KHI cares and I value the partnership and expertise that KHI provides to us!” – Justin M.

“I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with KHI Solutions. The KHI team is always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to provide me with solutions to my questions. KHI is always looking out for industry news or changes that could directly impact my business.  They also do a fantastic job of freeing up my time, which allows me to focus on growing my book!

I couldn’t be happier from the service I receive and would highly recommend them to anyone in the market. They definitely separate themselves from the pack!!!” – Chad M.

Thank you and your staff for all you do for us as agents!  Today’s call was very informative as always.

“Thank you, KHI Solutions for a great partnership and assistance in providing knowledge and service to our agents at Central Insurance and the clients we service.  KHI is a forward thinking group that is always looking for what’s next.  It might be as simple as what’s next with this particular client, or what’s next within our industry.  They understand our difficulties as agents and strive to ease those hardships with a dedicated staff of professionals with distinct areas of expertise, giving you the agent comfort in knowing you are getting the best and most up to date information.

Agent advocacy is an never ending service at KHI, they educate us and encourage feedback, then they do a great job of forwarding on our concerns at the state and national levels, making our voices be heard.

I feel confident that partnering with KHI is the foundation of what sets us apart from our competition!” – Justin M.

Mark M.

Frank O.

Larry E.

Dawn B.